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Glorious Kimono style designs from a eco and fair trade conscious company.

The designer says: "We  strive to be ethical and environmentally responsible wherever we can. We believe in offering high-quality products at affordable prices whilst putting the planet and products above profits. We have been making small steps over the years.

We believe in the ‘3 Rs’, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Cardboard and plastic from our  warehouse and office are collected by our recycling partners. We only use recycling companies that recycle waste in the UK. It is very important that all our recycling is dealt with-in the UK and not dumped in another country.



We use 100% cotton for all our KIMONOS. Why 100% cotton?


  • Cotton is hypoallergenic and is rarely the cause of an allergic reaction of the human skin
  • Cotton lasts longer as it is more durable than most materials. Perfect for passing on
  • Cotton products are softer and gentler on your skin, making it perfect for babies!
  • Cotton is better than synthetic fabrics when it comes to washing. Unfortunately, polyester, acrylic and polyester-cotton release microfibres into wastewater which are so small that they get released into the environment.
  • Cotton is a durable, absorbent, soft and breathable material compared to other man-made fabrics. It is also static resistant."

The Designers.

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